Dear friends and family, 

Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) in collaboration with Novus Moneta are raising funds for communities who have been affected by the catastrophic floods throughout Malaysia.

Many individuals have lost their houses, cars, and some even their lives. As such, Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) in conjunction with Novus Moneta will be raising funds from our networks and through the public to appropriate to the right parties involved. This platform shall serve as a way for anyone to donate and support the flood victims. Through this fundraise we can collectively help multiple avenues, as the proceeds will be donated to 4 different organisations. This will give everyone a chance to help more people through their donations. 

The donations received will be used to procure important needs such as:

  • Medical assistance 
  • Household & Hygiene supplies
  • Rebuilding homes
  • Fixing damaged cars
  • Other relief items

We have been advised that there is an overflow of food at the current juncture, as such we will be donating to organisations and individuals that help these victims with more functional items.

Our join teams (PMC & Novus) will be in-charge of collecting the proceeds which will be dispersed and given to the following NGO’s:

Novus Moneta will also double the impact of your donation by matching every ringgit received, up to a hard limit of RM25k., i.e. for every ringgit donated, Novus Moneta will match it until a maximum of RM25k. 

Note: These allocations are subject to management discretion. Hence, should there be a legitimate need elsewhere, we will appropriate funds accordingly.

We aim to be fully transparent about our efforts by keeping the public updated about how much we have received and how we are using these funds. We will continuously give you updates about the donation via our Instagram stories.

Together, let’s do our part to help those in need during these tough times. If you are keen to donate any amount big or small, kindly make a transfer to the following account: 

Account details for cash donations:

Bank name - United Overseas Bank

Bank address - 10-12, Medan Pasar, Bangunan UOB 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Swift code - UOVBMYKLXXX

Beneficiary account number - 1403 0195 72

Beneficiary name - Pencil Produce Sdn Bhd

Reference – Flood Donations

Ps, we also accept donations in cryptocurrency. Attached below are our Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses.

Btc : bc1qdca52fauqv0t7yufvxf2jgas082f92vsydd83u

Eth : 0xf2429046248563248cD4DC68777b30cF176ccB6f


About Novus Moneta

Novus Moneta (Novus) was co-founded by 3 individuals, Dharshen Mahalingam, Jeevan Pillay and Joshua Kumar. Novus focuses on investing opportunities on a global scale and serves as a platform for discussions among its community members. The Novus Community consists of many nationalities, i.e. Malaysians, Singaporeans, Indonesians, Indians, Europeans and South Americans, and aims to aid in financial literacy among the youth with its main focus on Malaysian youth. Novus occasionally conducts lectures on demand by its community on targeted financial literacy topics such as the investing climate during the Covid pandemic, economic issues and how it affects investments, cryptocurrencies, etc. Novus’ aim is to aid in financial literacy and help individuals learning about investing in an easy and friendly manner. Our team consists of investment bankers, engineers (mechanical, software & petroleum), doctors and lawyers.  


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