PMC x Tiger Beer


Tiger Beer Malaysia and Pestle and Mortar Clothing (PMC) have launched the Tiger Uncage Fund to support local talents across various backgrounds with a total fund of RM200,000. Eight finalists, including Apoh, Jay Ivanez, and Rachel Chong, are competing for stipends of RM50,000 each, with winners announced by the end of July 2022. The partnership between Tiger Beer and PMC continues with the Year of the Tiger celebration through an NFT collection called “The Tiger Archives.” The 6,688 NFTs feature PMC's interpretation of Chinese archival tiger artwork inspired by Tiger Beer’s bottles. Proceeds from the sale of these NFTs support local talents throughout 2022. Tiger Beer, the leading premium beer brand in Asia, and PMC have launched the Lucky Tigers NFT collection as part of the ‘The Year of Your Tiger’ campaign. These NFTs offer exclusive perks and curated experiences to holders.
Local Homegrown Art Brand’s NFT Collection Sells For RM3.5 Mil In 10 Minutes


During the Year of the Tiger, we hosted 11 events across Malaysia, Singapore, Los Angeles, and New York.
Tiger Beer & PMC 'roar' their way into 2022 with hand-drawn Lucky Tiger NFTs