Pestle & Mortar Clothing celebrated the launch of our yearly seasonal collection with an unforgettable event featuring our Super Sweaty 2023 collection, Tabula Rasa: We're hitting reset and going back to our roots for a clean slate. This collection emphasizes new and improved premium quality, offering the best for our loyal community. The event was held at Raw Studio, Metal Bees Studio, where we welcomed over 400 guests for a memorable evening. Attendees witnessed our latest collection come to life on the runway, followed by a lively after-party. The Tabula Rasa collection showcased over 30 styles, including hats, tees, cut & sew, and bottomwear. True to PMC's unique selling point, the collection blended nostalgic graphics with innovative printing and dyeing techniques, offering fresh and modern takes on classic favorites. The event marked a significant moment in our brand's journey, as we continue to push boundaries and deliver high-quality, stylish pieces that resonate with our community.