Crafting Heritage

Royal Selangor, a heritage brand with 133 years of history, partners with Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), a streetwear brand, to create a limited-edition capsule collection that merges tradition and trend. This collaboration draws inspiration from Royal Selangor's archives, blending narratives of growth and industrial evolution with PMC's contemporary streetwear aesthetics. The collection features iconic pieces such as the Worker Shirt and Heritage Tote Bag, each with embedded bespoke pewter emblems. This partnership goes beyond fashion, showcasing the shared values of passion, grit, and entrepreneurship that bind the two brands. Together, Royal Selangor and PMC craft a narrative that speaks to Malaysia's cultural heritage and enduring spirit of innovation.
 at the end of the day, both brands have played a part in preserving Malaysia’s heritage. We are very proud of the collaboration as Malaysia’s culture has inspired the RSXPMC capsule collection in a relevant way, through these visuals from the era of the nation’s early days