Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC) launches a new collection in collaboration with Los Angeles streetwear label, Chinatown Market. The partnership represents a fusion of East and West, blending Southeast Asian heritage with American streetwear aesthetics. The collection features ten streetwear staples with designs that highlight both cultures. Notable pieces include the "Teh Tarik Pong" graphic, combining the American frat party game with Malaysia's frothy tea beverage, and the "Crappy Souvenir Tee," emulating the cheaply printed tees popularized by Western tourists in Southeast Asian vacation spots. PMC introduces its first-ever UV-sensitive print in the "KL UV Tee," which transforms into Chinatown Market's Smiley basketball graphic when exposed to sunlight. Other standout pieces include the "Sweet Memories Tee" featuring Malaysia's ice cream sandwich in a hot dog bun, evoking nostalgia for Malaysians. The PMC x Chinatown Market collection will be available for purchase on December 19, 2020, via PMC's website and selected stockists worldwide. This collaboration brings innovative and culturally significant pieces to fans around the world.
We wanted to tell the story of the East meeting the West through this collaboration. By combining elements from both cultures, we aim to offer something familiar while showcasing Southeast Asian culture."