Shawn Lee is one of Malaysia's OG recording artist, beatboxer and vlogger. Follow him on Instagram for photography and street style inspiration.

The Hundreds Is Huge: The Hundreds is one of my favourite brands right now. Their designs are sick and the clothes fit me super well, the tees and jackets especially!

Bar Logo Coaches Jacket Black

Smooth Stock Long Sleeve Hooded Tee Ice

Be Bold: I know, it's girl hoodie! It doesn't bother me as long the cutting fits and I can rock it. There are no rules in streetwear.

Collegiate Cut-Off Hoodie Burgundy

Charge Ladies Sweatpants Heather White

Sweater Weather: Sometimes Malaysia gets a bit rainy and cool and I love that because 1. It's cool! 2. I get to wear crewnecks! I still wear crewnecks when it’s hot though.

Crest Adam Crewneck Athletic Grey

Colony Shorts Beige

Malaysia Flag Socks White

Out And About: I spend most of my weekends hanging out and sourcing new content for my vlogs. Just to change up my outfit, I’ll throw on a MKY parka and Pestle & Mortar joggers and I’m good to go.

Eloise Parka Jacket With Patch Black

Unity Homies Tee Alabaster

Bootcamp Sweat Pants Green

Cherry On Top: Sometimes I change up my everyday look and throw on a jacket over my tee from Six Straits and sweatpants. MKY's got a pretty good range of stuff!

Removable Hoodie Parka Jacket Brown

Dicktator Tee White

Bootcamp Sweat Pants Green