The Hundreds Celebrates 15 Years In The Industry With A New Store

15 years is a heck of a long time in Streetwear years and mainstays The Hundreds proves that things only get better with age. After closing their iconic RSWD store that celebrated 10 years open, the guys stayed in the hood, opening up their incredible new storefront complete with a massive mastodon skeleton structure breaking through the shop floor. 

According to Bobby Hundreds:

"For The Hundreds, our flagship stores have played an indispensable role in telling the story, a reflection of who we were at each stage of the process… In 2018, The Hundreds deserves a home that encapsulates 15 years of our history as well as set us up for the next 15 years,”

To commemorate this store opening they are also releasing their Rosewood collection that features the Death From Below Mastodon print as well as the classic M-65 field jacket customized by Bobby himself. 

Even if it's limited edition and you can't get those threads here, we have plenty to choose from at MajorDrop! Head on over to to pick up your Hundreds gear today! 

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