Lady Seven X
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Lady Seven X

One ordinary girl who went from small-town to big city, all girl group dancer to street dance crew. Now the stage only gets bigger for Lady Seven - Major Drop ambassador and professional dancer.  
Evolution of Headwear in Streetwear

Evolution of Headwear in Streetwear

Before hats became such an inseparable entity of a complete outfit, they indeed were used to as armoury and it was only much later that the silhouette developed into an art form in fashion, embraced for its ability to draw attention to one’s face.   

Nizam Lee X Major Drop

Meet our latest Ambassador, skateboarder Nizam Lee, who shows that small does not always mean weak, and that if you are determined to succeed, you will succeed.

Brand Spotlight: Civil

We have new Civil items for you to get your paws on. Head on to our store in Sunway Pyramid to cop these pieces.

What's On My Shoe Rack: Air Jordan 4 'Tech Grey'

One of the hottest pairs of sneakers to own in 2015, the “Remastered” Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Tech Grey’. After more than 15 years since it's original release in 1999, it's still known as the pair worn during The Shot.

What's On My Shoe Rack: Nike Air Max Lunar 1

A treat for you sneakerheads this week, a look at Eddie Samad's very own Nike Air Max Lunar 1 that has also been personalised to fit his wants. 

Brand Spotlight: Rebel8

Rebel8 has come a long way from their humble beginnings, with Joshy D naming the brand to steer it away from other connotations. Joshy's own street smarts, together with his friend and tattoo artist Mike Giant's designs, brought the brand to life.

Brand Spotlight: Odd Future

In this collection, Odd Future showcases an out of this world range with the famed OF donut design and the Tron Cat (among others). The collective, let by eccentric personality Tyler, the Creator, does not disappoint. 

What’s On My Shoe Rack: Nike Air Max Zero

Take a look at what is on Eddie Samad's shoe rack this week, the Nike Air Max Zero, which is one of the sneaker world's most anticipated shoe. With nearly 3 decades of innovation, the one before the 1 makes it's debut.