Men Recreate Sexy Female Streetwear Poses

Men Recreate Sexy Female Streetwear Poses

One thing's for sure, women are quite often treated as props to sell things. How well does that work? Are people aware of this scenario at all? The ladies at Major Drop decided to do some digging and gathered a few guys to speak to.
MD Ambassadors

The Lucky 1 - Major Drop's 1st Year Anniversary

13th June 2015, we went all out on Major Drop’s 1st anniversary party – The Lucky 1. The acts of Moslem Priest, Tactmatic, Naufal & I-Sky, Arabyrd, DJ Biggie (Kartel Records) and Mr. Dan hyped the crowd up to an insane high with FiftySix Degrees pumping out whisky glasses at us in every direction.

The Hundreds takeover

Yes, The Hundreds is finally available online. Before now, it was only available in-store at Sunway Pyramid. And at the beginning, there was the Hundreds takeover. Here's a look at what went down.

Nizam Lee X Major Drop

Meet our latest Ambassador, skateboarder Nizam Lee, who shows that small does not always mean weak, and that if you are determined to succeed, you will succeed.

TTFGA X Major Drop

The unseen face of Style Selecta 2012, a Tumblr account that is, in his own words, an amalgamation of style. Having an impressive portfolio like the KL Fashion Week 2013 under his belt, TTFGA is now venturing into street photography.