What’s On My Shoe Rack: Nike Air Max Zero

Take a look at what is on Eddie Samad's shoe rack this week, the Nike Air Max Zero, which is one of the sneaker world's most anticipated shoe. With nearly 3 decades of innovation, the one before the 1 makes it's debut.

What's On His Desk: Lawrence

Take a look on what's on our Supply Chain Manager's desk. He's the one who gets your online orders to you, and who makes sure Major Drop has their stock in store.

HAF - Hungry as F*ck: Project Space

Got the munchies? Ravenous? Famished? Look no further as we introduce a new café you can hang out at in SS15, Subang Jaya. Check out Project Space to satisfy that stomach.

Music You Should Be Listening To: GUMBALL Radio Mix 18

GUMBALL Radio Mix 18 by Kopigo, a self-thought electronic DJ who has now expanded his portfolio to include deep house, tech house, techno, garage, and anything with underground bass.