Six Straits

Brand New and Mysterious af – Six Straits opens up first collection on

New to the scene – mysterious Six Straits just dropped a quiet little first collection on! Anti-establishment seems like the overall theme but they’ve described themselves as more fun loving jokers with this particular collection taking the piss out of global affairs and international headlines just for the f*cks of it.

You’ll notice two faces right away – two faces that both stand for two very different things and yet, right here, right now, they aren’t actually all that different. Donald “It’s True” Trump’s floating head with a speech bubble that says “blah blah” – I mean come on, it’s true! The other two tees are about the same person – one of which has his portrait upside down, which we all hear is a huge no no in Pyongyang when it comes to the Supreme Leader (No he’s not the guy with the most Supreme gear – although…) Kim Jong-Un. The more pretty of 3 tees can only be described as the melding of both these far away factions to create perfection – The All American Burger Kim.

By Arthur Loh

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