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Rocking Up With Reddi Rocket

Looking at his quiet and reserved demeanor, you never would’ve guessed that he was, in fact, an aficionado of the local electronic music and nightlife scene.  Hit up the hottest places to be in KL and you might just see this shoulder length haired, boyish looking producer showing off his artistry on the decks.

Master of all trades, jack of none.

You should know better than to expect anything less from an AKHYLA talent, the same label churning out the likes of YAHNA, VMPRMYTH and KAIN. Reddi Rocket by night and simply Jimmy by day, this virtuoso actually got a foot in the electronic music door during his stint at Artisan Roast as a barista. Jack of all trades he is not, Jimmy proves himself to be a master instead as he is able to rack up beats to suit a variety of different genres. It’s certainly no wonder that he appeals to such a wide audience from regular partygoers to the more dexterous.

If you haven’t seen him before, you’ve probably heard him instead. You know an artist is legit when they’re opening for international acts. Reddi Rocket has opened for English electronic duo Bondax, and most recently (and notably),  Dutch duo Yellowclaw. He’s no stranger to Urbanscapes, It’s The Ship and Pestle & Mortar’s monthly Prime Fridays and Smashing Weekends as well, hyping up the crowd with his sensational tunes. He’s probably one of the reasons why people just keep coming back every month. You’ve probably painted the town red to him on your nights out at SIX, Arte Bar, Skullduggery and The Vault too. Reddi Rocket is currently working real hard on his upcoming debut EP, KiD, and we promise you, he’s worth the wait.

This Rocket has gained its momentum, and now it’s ready for liftoff!

Touch base with him.

Rumor has it that Reddi Rocket also has an awesome sense of style.  Shop Reddi’s looks here if you want to get on his level.


By Camillia Lim

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