Win A Backpack From Fjallraven’s Kanken Collection #pattern yourkankenSEA

Win A Backpack From Fjallraven’s Kanken Collection #pattern yourkankenSEA

Exude your inner Karl Lagerfield and stand a chance to win yourself a backpack of your choice from the latest Kanken collection. Details in post.
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Sweden has blessed us with the best house DJs, the hottest Scandivanian beauties, the best budget furniture brand (so good that even Balenciaga wants to be them), ABBA and now, a backpack that boasts of durability, versatility and quality.

If you haven’t seen this backpack roaming the streets, you’ve got to wonder which rock you’ve been living under.

Fans of Fjallraven’s iconic Kanken bags would know that they really do live up to their self proclamations. Made out of hard-wearing firm vinylon and a main compartment that unzips entirely, Kanken’s probably the bag that even the Vikings of old would have used on their raids to store their battleaxes and vodka (Viking drinking game: take a shot every time you behead someone).


Kanken is presenting a whole new range of backpacks in fresh webbing strap designs, and to celebrate, you can play Karl Lagerfield and come up with your very own designs for Kanken Southeast Asia’s #patternyourkankenSEA contest. Another one to add to your list of bragging rights for possibly the next year or so.

To join this contest simply follow these steps:
1.Print out the given template in A4 from this link
2.Cut out the gaps mentioned in the template.
3.Put it against a background that expresses your creativity.
4.Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #patternyourkankenSEA and #pattenyourkankenID with a short description about your design (Remember to un-private your IG accounts so we will be able to view your awesome creativity)
5.You can upload as many posts as you like, so knock yourselves out.
6.Contest runs from 15th July – 15th August 2017.
7.Winner will be announced on the 25th of August.
8. One winner will be chosen in the entire region of South East Asia and will receive a backpack of your choice from the new range, so make sure you’re that one.


The new Kanken range launches end-July 2017.
To view the current collection, visit

By Camillia Lim

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