Men Recreate Sexy Female Streetwear Poses

Monday morning, we're sat at our desks. Some of us are trying to wake up, some getting work done when our boss drops in an article.
"Read this", he says. 
Monday afternoon, the discussion blows up and the ladies of Major Drop are discussing whether sexism in streetwear is real or if it's just clickbait. 
Our resident graphic designer, Qistina, brings up icons like Kylie Jenner, who frequently poses provocatively to sell whatever is in her hand (or any other part of her body). Is that the appropriate way for ladies to promote products? Is that the only way? Is it wrong? 
One thing's for sure, women are quite often treated as props to sell things. How well does that work? Are people aware of this scenario at all? The ladies at Major Drop decided to do some digging and gathered a few guys to speak to.
Watch the video to find out what went down!

Ultimately, us ladies think that while it's not totally cool to be treated as just another item, it's really up the the individual. If you enjoy posing in such a way or wearing certain things, you do you homegirl! If someone has something to say, tell 'em to put a sock in it. 

If you liked this article and want us to engage in more of these kinds of issues, let us know! We'd be glad to do so. 
Words by: Celine Wan
Art Direction by: Qistina Omar
Videographed by: Muhd Nur Hazarizq

Models: Dan Hazeeq, Harish Pal, Jad Hidhir and Justin Knussi

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