College Style 101: Kickstart Your College Wardrobe

January’s here, and that means that some of y’all are starting college soon. The college ecosystem is fun - you finally get to dress the way you want! That being said, no one wants to be a walking fashion disaster and it doesn’t pay to look like you’re trying too hard.

Below, our friends at The Level MY have helped us put together a couple of  items that will help you kickstart your college wardrobe. Test out your new semester look, without looking like you stepped off a Jeremy Scott runway. Take a look below, and cop the look online or at any of our physical stores.

When you want to make a statement, this shirt comes off as unassuming as any other piece from another non-Japanese utilitarian high street store, but might make you a few friends. The best way to make new contacts is via clothing commentary. You’ll have people asking about this shirt.

Inconspicuous from afar, but will strike up a conversation with any millennial peer. The world sucks, really - but your millennial peers will resonate with the messaging here.

Tai chi might be under the purview of geriatrics in the closest park, but when campus life isn’t showcasing diversity and culture as much as you’d hope for, wear these.

Pair your everyday outfit with a pair of joggers - it’s like wearing pyjamas to class, except you look way more put together.

Six panel caps are pretty in and fit almost any head shape. This one goes with almost anything, and is perfect for hiding bad hair days.

Muruku! We all grew up snacking on this. Relive your childhood (while mourning your 8am classes) with this cap from Tarik.

Overall, these are a few solid pieces that are bound to give you a solid start to your post uniform-wearing lifestyle. A college wardrobe should be fun, not formulaic - these are some fun clothes, but they’ll only look great once you wear them like you mean it.

Over the next few weeks, The Drop will be releasing a series of articles in collaboration with The Level to help freshen up your wardrobe, or get you toes wet into the deep waters of ~*streetwear*~.
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