HQ Selects: The Best Bargains On Sale Right Now!

Everyone loves a good discount. Leading up to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, here are some of our picks from the discounted stuff on the site to get you in the mood for bargains! Retail therapy at half the price? Yes please!

Don't sleep though, a lot of these are limited in quantity and sizing!

1) Berak - Kawaii Victims T-Shirt (50% Off)

While a selection of the Berak stuff is on sale, the simple design and use of "un-millennial pink" on black is definitely eye catching and wearable. Great if you're being Ironic and even better if you aren't.

Cop the Kawaii Victims T-Shirt Here

2) Bucket Hats Aplenty!

With the resurgence of this early 00's staple, bucket hats are now making its way back into many wardrobes everywhere. Show that it's not only Nigo who can make this look work, we've got 3 that are a bargain addition to your headwear rotation.

Dope Represent Bucket Aqua (60% off)

Civil Team Row Bucket Hat (60% off)

Civil Regime Bucket Hat (60% off)

3) Rebel8 Womens San Andreas Side Tie Tank Grey (60% off)

One for the ladies. You don't have to cut up your favourite tees for that muscle tank or side tie look. 

Cop the Rebel8 Womens San Andreas Side Tie Tank here!

4) Berak Grill Chicken Backpack (50% Off)

Inject a bit of Tacti-cool multi camo in your life with the grill chicken backpack. Not sure if it's that because of it's ability to hold everything needed to grill a chicken or if they just liked it. Everyone needs another bag in their life and at 50% off, why not?

Cop the Grill Chicken Backpack here!


Don't like what we picked? Check out the rest of the stuff on sale here!

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