Here Are The Best Kicks To Pair With Your New Rastaclat! #CLATSANDKICKS

There is no doubt that the popularity of shoelace bracelet brand Rastaclat has been blowing up over the last couple of years partially due to the way they go so well with the heat on your feet. In fact, Rastaclat have the hashtag #CLATSANDKICKS for you to show off just that.

However, what about those that aren't obviously designed to match your kicks? Here are some ideas for you to rock those clats. 

1) Classic: RMD Runner Black

It's no surprise that the RMD Runner Black is designed completely with the NMD OG colourway in mind. However not everyone is on board with the NMD silhouette. Another great pair of Kicks for your clat would be the Lance Mountain x Nike SB QS Jordan 1 in Black, of course you could get white but you'd have to skate it a heck of a lot first.

Not the easiest pair to attain, an alternative would be super extra and to go get the new Flyknit Jordan 1 in both Banned and Royal colours and wear them together.

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2) Classic: Dazzle White

The Dazzle White clat is one of the more eye catching ones in the collection but of course one of the harder ones to pair with kicks. While you can definitely just take the primary colour to match with an all white pair of sneakers, you can also consider the Nike Classic Cortez OG "Forrest Gump". 

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3) Classic Rasta-Lah 2.0

Designed based on the AirMax 97 Silver Bullet for Sneakerlah 2017, the Rasta-Lah 2.0 is versatile enough to fit into most wardrobes thanks to the grey/silver colourway. Since getting the pure platinum Vapormax is probably a little tougher than average, you can also pair it with the wolf grey and uni red flyknit racer. 

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4) Knotaclat Varsity Tan

With the Knotaclat Varsity Tan, you can probably think about matching the main colour but that would probably mean you splashing out for a pair of Hender Scheme anything. Instead of selling your kidney, why not try to use the accent burgundy as a base to do your colour matching? The Air Jordan XIII Bordeaux GS is available now from JD Sport and for a more classic approach, the Adidas Gazelle is perfect.

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