Happy International Women's Day! Liberty Active Show How To #JUSTBEautiful

Our homies over at Liberty Active are celebrating International Women's day with an inspiring new campaign, #JUSTBEautiful and with that a sick campaign video that is completely encompasses all they stand for. 

#JUSTBEautiful is a campaign that aims to help women see the beauty in themselves, just as they are. Women are often told they are ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ of something and a change is needed to lead them one step closer to perfection. #JUSTBEautiful is about looking unapologetically at the present and appreciating the power of just being. Being alive, being strong, being healthy, being themselves.
But it doesn’t stop there. #JUSTBEautiful is also about learning to accept other women in their differences and similarities because when like-minded women come together with a common purpose, nothing is beyond their reach.

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