Brand Spotlight : PLEASURES


PLEASURES’ latest summer release titled “Version 7.0.” The visually-rich display is an exploration of the Los Angeles-based brand’s musical inspirations, sexual identity and distortion of reality.


This summer collection involves a bunch of items, including T-shirts, hoodies and caps which feature an assortment of graphic imagery, satirical statements, as well as powerful political views that provide a depth of character to the range.


The quarterly series names are based on Version X.0 and are designed primarily for non-mainstream bands such as Sonic Youth, Bjork, Nirvana and My Blood Valentine, which were experienced by James in the 1990s.


Included in the assortment is their collaborative tee with Chinatown Market featuring the brand's popular "Smiley" mascot with an eerie Pleasure-ized twist




Grab the collection here.

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