A Peek Into The KL Graffiti Scene By The Hundreds

(Photos by Razlan Yusof for The Hundreds)

While it's still a relatively young scene, the Malaysian street art community is quickly becoming more than just a small dot on the map. Mark Steyels was recently in town on behalf of our homies The Hundreds to get to know some of the big dogs in the local community and how it all ticks.

At a long, bare concrete wall 20 minutes from central Kuala Lumpur, a dozen writers link for a chilly graffiti session. It’s noon and rainy, and the green hill in the background rises up into a low cloud. This weather is unusual for the Malaysian city, and many have attributed it to a late monsoon season. The artists are from the area’s two biggest crews, Zinc Nite Crew and Sly Fox Crew, along with a couple international guests. Pieces like these—colorful and detailed burners—are the staple of the scene.

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