Brand Spotlight: Zoo For People


Those of you who have yet to hear of this Kuala Lumpur-based brand whose name suggests a very much needed enclosure for the evolved primates (read: people), here’s a cue to get yourself educated on this name. Established in the Summer of 2014, Zoo For People makes accessories for the many men in our times. While tiny, shiny trinkets don’t always ring a bell with our male counterparts, these Hardware for Gentlemen will. Zoo For People’s vision is to urbanise classic wear with an industrial edge and this translates visibly to their details of underlying concrete tones and unfinished textures. You would think that the use of an industrial theme has been abused in architecture – cafés, to say the least – but reimagined onto accessories is a whole new game that Zoo For People has played quite cleverly.

Ranging the simple necessities of bracelets, knitted ties, tie clips, cuff links and the butang Baju Melayu made for the Malaysian market, the brand’s current collection is limited to a handful of products - an expression of moderation that is often absent today. Zoo For People’s current best bet is their RM59 rope bracelets, designed down to the detail and paired with the Matte Gunmetal, Silver, Brass or Copper Hooks and Anchors for people who can’t bear to bare their wrists. On the other hand, they have knitted ties for the working adults who still yearn for that touch of modern style next to their buttoned downs and slacks. Crafted with woven fabric and featuring a classic flat-end design, the textured tie is priced reasonably at RM74. Meanwhile, the more delicate knickknacks like cufflinks, butang Baju Melayu and shirt studs priced between RM49 to RM84 are the ones that really pack the punch with appealing LEGO and Star Wars-inspired designs.

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Words by Rueann Dass
Photos courtesy of Zoo For People

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