Lady Seven X

Lady Seven X

One ordinary girl who went from small-town to big city, all girl group dancer to street dance crew. Now the stage only gets bigger for Lady Seven - Major Drop ambassador and professional dancer.


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To each their craft and Lady Seven – sometimes known as Lady Savoon – is well aware of that. The once ordinary girl hailing from small-town Rawang danced her first steps on the kindergarten stage and there began her pirouette into the industry. Striving to stay afloat in a career that most would deem a challenge, the 24 year old, like any other, has had her fill of doubts about the unorthodox career choice. But the lady who exudes utter confidence in handpicking her Major Drop styles also managed to find a steady ground in her craft that now has her taking on stages nationwide.  


The natural dancer only truly found her feet in 2010, when being part of an all-girl dance group called Soul Krazy, she joined a popular local dance competition, Astro Battleground where they emerged champion. The following year, the streak continued for Lady Seven as she found herself in the midst of a vastly different crew, Katoon Network which coincidentally, also took home the champion title. Talk about lady luck – in this case, Seven – on their side.  


She cites that contrary to popular belief, being a professional dancer requires a lot of humility and it’s oft-times nothing like the glamour it is made to be. Having struggled most when transitioning from an all-girl dance group into a dominantly male streetdance crew which required her to up her stamina and catch up on different genres, Lady Seven holds strongly in the belief that you always have to be willing to learn. Moving fluidly with a seemingly ingrained memory of smooth dance steps, she recounts that the 2004 movie, ‘You Got Served’ had a stake in keeping her on the dance floor. The slender girl though comes off as a reserved personality, spoke zealously of her craft, “A lot of people associate street dancing with bad kids. I want to tell the world that dancing does not equal bad stereotypes.”


Looking up to international professional dancers like Brian Green, Parris Goebel, Saya Yamamaru and Beat Buddy Boi, Lady Seven is herself growing to become a force to be reckoned with Beat Buddy Boi on the world stage and one who dresses for it! Shop her style from the links at the end of the post and catch her dropping moves here.



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Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Razlan Yusof
Wardrobe from Civil, DOPEPestle & Mortar Clothing and Reason

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