Brand Spotlight: HLZBLZ


Bad bitches only. Here you have it, the only streetwear brand for the feminine that isn’t gonna sugarcoat things for you, honey. HLZBLZ was founded in 2005 by Lanie “Misslawn” Alabanza-Barcena, who left her desk as an art director under Jay-Z’s helm to escape the rut of repeated routines and thus, channelled her creative juices to the sexploitation inspirations of the 60’s and 70’s. Women were empowered in all their glory of being sexy, strong and just a little bit intimidating in those flicks and Lanie took the best of it to be adapted into a line of clothing –HLZBLZ.

The brand is said to be provocative with just the right amount of street sensibility and that is plain-as-day on the threads they make. The finery is a mix of tops, bottoms, denim and accessories resting on a balance between constraint and restraint although we would daresay it leans towards the more subversive scale of things. In a largely male-dominated industry, founder and creative director Misslawn has had to work twice as hard to climb the fashion ladder but given all that, the 10 year strong brand has found its way to be an offbeat rose among the thorns.

Your crime for every season, HLZBLZ has arrived at Major Drop. Shop them here.  

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by HLZBLZ

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