Brand Spotlight: ONLY NY

ONLY NY, the brand that Micah Belamarich founded for both those who resided within New York and the ones who couldn't resist the city's charm. 


The idealised 90's guy who wanted to derive a social lifestyle for those who believed in the intrinsic creativity that was brimming of New York, Micah Belamarich founded ONLY NY for both those who resided within her and the ones who couldn't resist the city's charm. 

Like its name suggests, ONLY NY strives to keep things simple and native to New York with inspirations coming from the city, skateboarding, photography and sports. Since the launch of their first collection back in 2007, ONLY NY has been expanding their lines and roping in choice brands for collaborations.

ONLY NY finds itself niched in keeping their designs clean and unadorned. Be it a pocket box logo tee or just a ONLY NY text tee, its versatility to fit into your closet any day of the year is the same attraction that pulls people into the city that never sleeps. 

On its way to Southeast Asia, ONLY NY is now available - only at Major Drop.


Words by Roshan Menon
Photos by ONLY NY

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