The Lucky 1 - Major Drop's 1st Year Anniversary


It was Saturday evening, the traffic situation was horrendous and the weather, cloudy with a chance of getting lucky. Slate at The Row made for a perfect location, where the soft setting sunlight spilled in only to accentuate the strobe lighting on the dance floor.

The lineup was an unbelievable conglomeration of hip-hop prodigies like Moslem Priest, Tactmatic, Naufal & I-Sky, Arabyrd, DJ Biggie and flown in from all the way Shanghai, frontman of creative collective Yeti In The Basement, one Tom Yeti. All of whom spun beats to the crowd’s dancing streaks, taking swigs of FiftySix whisky in between moves.

While the party thrived downstairs, an experience zone in the mezzanine upstairs gave streetwear hungry ones reason to take their wallets out with Major Drop’s staple brands on sale. Throughout the party, Curbside Cantina and The Guac was parked at the entrance churning hearty Mexican fare to sustain the crowd’s energy levels.

The night made its way to the after party at Lust KL where Major Drop fans continued to rock it out in a drunken stupor, culminating our first ever birthday.


Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Roshan Menon
Video by Major Drop

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