Brand Spotlight: Crap Eyewear

CRAP Eyewear's Spring 2015 collection, Hello Yellow, makes it debut here in Malaysia. Now you can arm yourself with a stylish pair (or two) for the perpetually sunny Malaysian climate. 

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CRAP Eyewear just happens to be that new, well-respected, independent brand for sunglasses that is currently based in Los Angeles, California. Trendy and highly coveted by the new kids on the block of the skateboarding and surfing community, as well as creative types like artist and musicians - the brand was founded by a couple of beach rats who still own and operate the venture; living it true to LA lifestyle and fashion. 

The collection, made with both male and female interests in mind, is naturally a pretty huge one. Their timeless Nudie Mag collection features a Wayfarer-type pair that takes sunglasses to a new level, with the Gloss Jungle Tortoise adding some edge to an otherwise classic look. Then you've got the Flat Black Reflective Red PC, a mouthful that funks up the plain look so well you'll want to remember that name. Not overlooking The Beach Party collection - reflective lenses for obvious reasons and a larger 80s take on the Wayfarer for those looking for a rad, classic feel. Another new range to look out for would be The Nite Shift collection - aviator shaped ocular protection thats reminiscent of the American 70's. 

More than just a pair of stylish sunnies, the bulk of these sunglasses use CR-39 lenses which offer UV400 protection and is half the weight of typical glass lenses. While these CR-39 lenses give you clear vision, the shatter-resistant feature also makes it a great pair for those of us who can't seem to keep our asses from sitting on our shades. There are also Crap Eyewear Polarized™ lenses made of 1.4mm triacetate cellulose (TAC), a multi-layer composite which renders the lenses lightweight and extremely impact-resistant, perfect for those who rock active lifestyles.

Take your pick because when it comes to the perpetually sunny Malaysian climate, you can't go wrong with CRAP Eyewear. 

Shop the collection online here on Major Drop.


Words by Mary Yap
Photos by Crap Eyewear

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