Spice Up Your #MDONME With Our Favs!

Spice Up Your #MDONME With Our Favs!

7.6.17 - Ever had a situation where you thought your outfit was missing something, but not quite sure how to spice it up? Here are 5 of our favourite accessory picks that can make your #MDONME go BAM!


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Outfit too boring? BAM! it up with these accessories!

Nowadays, caps are essentials in the streetwear game. From the streets to your workplace/classroom, you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone rocking a cap. Caps can make us look swag and stylish but let’s be real and not forget about the benefits which is protecting us from the harmful sun rays and helping us to hide a bad hair day!

Formless Classic H Panel Black

SS Link SP17 Cap Khaki

Functional yet stylish, backpacks play a big role in elevating our OOTD. Wearing a backpack ties the whole outfit together and make it looks more complete. However, be sure to select your backpacks wisely by choosing one that is functional, practical and provides the support and compartments you need without sacrificing on the style front.

Kånken Classic Ox Red

Kånken Classic Brown

Bracelets are accessories that are subtle yet can add a big difference to your look. Never let your wrist go bare! Not only are the Rastaclat bracelets the epitome of street style, they’re also suitable to be worn during any occasion.

Knotaclat: Beluga

Mini Knotaclat: Beluga

Never lose track of time by wearing it everywhere you go. A sleek timepiece that is versatile and timeless as well. Not to mention Klasse 14 got some boujee looking watches that will have everyone asking you where you got them from.

Volare Rainbow with Mesh Band 42mm

Volare Rainbow with Mesh Band 36mm

Small yet mighty! Pins can add some spark to an otherwise bare looking piece. They can also potentially be a great conversation starter. Pantun pins are so unique and one of a kind, it truly captures the essence of all things Malaysian. Our favorites? The Teh-Tarik and the cool af sneaker pins, FOR SURE.


Human Race

750 Pin

350 Pin

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