The Hundreds takeover

Yes, The Hundreds is finally available online. Before now, it was only available in-store at Sunway Pyramid. And at the beginning, there was the Hundreds takeover. Here's a look at what went down.

It was the early days of June when the much anticipated The Hundreds hit Major Drop’s store in an unprecedented takeover. Classed up in the flair of The Hundreds’ Los Angeles based store, Major Drop not only portrayed The Hundreds in its physical appearances but went the extra mile to permeate an attitude that was singular to the Los Angeles bred label. The store was decked out in The Hundreds’ Fall ’14, Winter ’14, Spring ’15 and Summer ’15 apparel and each collection was quaintly staged in the elements of its respective season.


That Monday was quickly stripped of its blues as the day began at 11am for invited guests at the store where they got to be the privileged firsts to lay eyes on The Hundreds’ largest collection in Malaysia. It was quite a view watching the goods get snapped up by kids who has been waiting months to get a slice of this notable street subculture pie. All that action went down right before Bobby Hundreds himself came down to the store – in the manifestation of a video that summarised for us the A-Z of The Hundreds’ coming to Malaysia.


Subsequent to that huge week, Major Drop is now back in its element of being a multi-label store, now boasting on its racks an additional glory – The Hundreds.

Shop the collection here exclusively on Major Drop.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Roshan Menon

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