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Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yeti in the Basement will be performing at The Lucky 1. The collective that churns good music and live acts to tasteful audiences from London, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Shanghai is now going to treat you Malaysians at the party and after-party.

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Call them what you want but Yeti In The Basement looks to us like a boiling cauldron of creativity with a penchant for parties. Known by his pseudonym Yeti B, Thomas Bray is a Hongkonger who started a party and a blog during his studies in London. The crew began with a few guys cooking up parties in a basement - throw in the beastly attitude and you have Yeti In The Basement. One business trip and a Fashion Week later, Bray found a new abode for the group – the bustling city of Shanghai. Since then, Yeti has shifted in the direction of a creative collective; a compartmentalised aggregate of music consultancy, design, bookings, tours and parties.

Turning 1 this month, these party fiends have gone in and out of London, Vancouver, Hong Kong to Shanghai playing gigs for all it's tasteful audiences for the past year and they aren’t about to stop. Yeti In The Basement is slated to make main act at KL’s best place to be this Saturday night – Major Drop’s own The Lucky 1. 


Words by Rueann Dass
Photos courtesy of Yeti in the Basement

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