Brand Spotlight: Billionaire Boys Club

Fancy yourself some Billionaire Boys Club duds? The brand, launched by Pharrell (multimedia superstar) and Nigo (the creative force behind A Bathing Ape), boasts Jay-Z as a fan, so much so that he even lent his business acumen to them.


We hope you have heard of Billionaire Boys Club (“BBC”) but if you haven't, here's a refresher. BBC is a brand that singularly boasts the best of both worlds as their face and force, being led by none other than showstoppers Jay-Z and Pharrell. Combining Jay-Z’s business acumen and Pharrell’s creative streak, they have created a desiderata for all streetwear fans.

Tracing the brand to its infancy in 2005, Pharrell and Japanese fashion icon Nigo, also founder of the popular A Bathing Ape / BAPE brand, had launched two lines of luxury clothing called Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream. The brand that once regarded Jay-Z as a fan has since skyrocketed to its current popularity with the hip hop maestro onboard.

BBC prides themselves upon making streetwear which differs from the mainstream with their touch of luxurious extravagance and that includes varieties of t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, and headwear, all of which are produced in limited quantities and made with high quality materials. Incorporating contrast colours with innovative patterns, the Holiday 2014 collection is a release that sees a twist on their classic branding. One look at the SS International Arch Logo T Shirt and you'll get the gist.

Shop the collection online here on Major Drop.


Words by Mary Yap
Photos by Billionaire Boys Club

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