What's On My Shoe Rack: Nike Air Max Lunar 1

A treat for you sneakerheads this week, a look at Eddie Samad's very own Nike Air Max Lunar 1 that has also been personalised to fit his wants. 


On a true sneakerhead’s shoe rack lies a pair that bleeds idiosyncrasies and is the seamless representation of the one who walks in it. This week, we have on Eddie’s shoe rack, the Nike Air Max Lunar 1, personalised in the NIKEID studio of NIKE Town, NY.

This Air Max was birthed with a speckled Lunar sole, a far more durable choice compared to the original Air Max 1 sole and clearly, a modern alternative to it. Topped off with a combination of suede, nappa leather and nylon mesh, the tastefully curated look of a premium body was complete.

Colour was less of a selection than a preset of Eddie’s must-have shades of sleek black and white and the emphasis on the shoe’s final touches – his name embroidered on the left shoe while the other is marked #13, both a favoured number and an incidental homage to the illustrious 13th Witness.

And there you have it, the toe-to-heel of Eddie Samad’s Nike Air Max Lunar 1.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Razlan Yusof

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