HAF - Hungry as F*ck: Kenny Hills Bakers

If you're ever thinking about embarking on a bakery excursion, head towards Bukit Tunku for one of its hidden treasures. After you Instagrammers get your photo ops with the charming bakery, try out their array of freshly-baked breads and pastries.

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The smell of freshly baked breads with a whiff of roasted coffee beans in the grinder would probably revive any half-woken zombie suffering from a massive hangover - that is unless you’re the kind of diligence that gets out of bed at 8am for breakfast. Regardless of your archetype, Kenny Hills Bakers would satisfy both categories sans any discrimination. 

Tucked in the vestibules of Bukit Tunku (what was once Kenny Hills), the small-in-stature bakery makes up for its lack of space with its abundance of taste. Kenny Hills Bakers pride themselves with the quality of their varying kinds of bread, leavened with care and left to develop a distinct flavour. Ask resident baker Johnny and he’ll be happy to tell you about their rye, granary, spelt, sourdough, ciabatta and the list goes on. Piled up nicely in the café is their key ingredient, organic milled flour packed in a rustic sack that seems to be quite popular with Instagrammers.  

Kenny Hills Bakers has bread and pastries laid out like a true bakery, tempting walk-in customers to reconsider their calorie count for the day - like I did, for the flaky goodness of plain croissants with butter. Other temptations include one daintily delicious beef and mushroom pie,  peach and banana crumble, and a very irresistible option of their artisanal peanut butter on your choice of bread. They also have a range of made-to-order breakfasts for those more drawn to hearty meals.  

Coffee is a given in a place like this and coffee is what Kenny Hills Bakers gives to you in its plain and simple forms. Meanwhile, non-caffeine drinkers can always resort to their juice of the day choices (rest easy, you get no scoffs from us).  

Situated in what seems to be the only row of shops existent in the residential Bukit Tunku, Kenny Hills Bakers’ doesn't just possess substance but also aesthetic - an interior with a pretty sight to devour with its hand-painted walls and the charm of old tiles can send any Instagrammer through the roof.  

So whenever you’re up for a floury indulgence or just have a nagging need to update your Instagram (lest you lose followers), Kenny Hills Bakers awaits.   

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Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Renee Ho

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