HAF - Hungry as F*ck: Curbside Cantina

En busca de comida Mexicana? Don't worry, we've found a Mexican meals on wheels right here in the Klang Valley, so you don't have to go half a world away for it. 


Don't we all sometimes get that familiar feeling of not knowing where to eat because everywhere you go has the same generic food? And when you decide to be adventurous for once, it usually costs way above the average diner budget. There are so few places that offer Mexican food, let alone tasty and affordable mixups, but we've been having mad cravings for tacos recently and thought it a good idea to share our secret. What if we found an alternative where you can get reasonably priced Mexican meals on wheels? What if we said it wasn't just decently priced but everything tasted hella good too? Our lil secret is the Curbside Cantina. 

Much like the name suggests, Curbside Cantina runs their kitchen on a mobile food truck that serves Mexican comfort food on-the-go at unbelievably worthy prices of RM8.00 to RM15.00. Regulars on the menu would include tacos, churros, quesadillas and a new seven-layer dip served with corn chips. The staple: a savoury fish taco with finely diced onions, melted cheese, their signature sauce and the hero - a breaded crispy fish strip on top of a soft taco wrap. A definite fan favourite. Ask for the quesadillas too, that come in chicken and mushrooms, kimchi chicken, or the brisket, bacon, and onions option, all snuggled into a warm, toasty bite!  

One of the things we love about Curbside Cantina is that they are always switching up the roster on their menus with the occasional new picks of Mexican style snack food, making it a treat and something to look forward to every time, with a roulette of new flavours on the classic Mexican street food that we know. We can never get tired of it!   

Curbside Cantina has scheduled locations around the Bangsar, TTDI, and  Kota Damansara area in addition to making the occasional appearance to feed the hungry at events such as Pestle & Mortar Clothing's very own Smashing Weekend last year, or at Stadium Malawati last weekend for the Russell Peters show.  

Check out their whereabouts on their Instagram page.

Words by Danny New
Photos by Razlan Yusof

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