Brand Spotlight: Grand Scheme

We highlight one of Australia's best independent clothing labels, Grand Scheme. Take a closer look on their more conservative pieces this season with marble and camo fabrics.

In the grand scheme of all things contemporary, we have the spotlight on one of Australia’s best independent clothing labels. You guessed it – Grand Scheme. Founded back in 2006, Grand Scheme is recognized for their unique lifestyle collections that take a spin on daring visuals like the signature cannabis plant print and quality cut-and-sew pieces. The clean designs are definitive of the brand’s rebellious nature while still evident of its premium airs.

Garnering the respect of creative communities following their unceasing support for the arts, Grand Scheme is steeped in their ideal of being proudly independent and never established. ‘Not established’ for one, is liberation to another.

The most recent release of their Spring/Summer ‘15 Collection carved the brand’s place on the streetwear map. Grand Scheme ran a more conservative route this season with staples like pullover shirts, t-shirts, shorts and bucket hats sporting marble and camo fabrications. It’s all in the details of the wooden buttons and mesh materials.

Look into it as Grand Scheme’s upcoming collection drops here.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Razlan Yusof

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