Brand Spotlight: Publish

Publish, the pioneer of the original Jogger Pants, initially experimented with a different concept of jogger pants. 7 years later, Publish has become the go-to brand for fashion-forward guys who just love the comfort of the Jogger Pants.

Outfitters of menswear, bridge builders and pioneers of the original Jogger Pants™. And with that piece of information, it becomes a hundred percent apparent that we are speaking of Publish.

Stirring up the spaces of fashion, Publish is a clothier and more prominently, a game changer known for their apparel that embodies both the edge of streetwear and the refinement of timeless garments. Since their inception in 2010, Publish has opened doors to a whole new realm of menswear starting with – what else – the jogger pants that has now become ubiquitous in the wardrobes of fashion-forward guys. The creation of the must-have silhouette was initially founder Michael Huynh’s sentiments of emulating a remnant of the 90’s times he lived in. The prime of cinched jeans and the rolled up leg look. Huynh’s predisposed nature of experimenting and the ingenious spin on the twill jogger pants soon became the ticket that bolstered Publish into the limelight.

A designer way ahead of his time, Huynh entered the industry at an unbelievably young age of 22 and within a mere 7 years has become a veteran in the game. CEO and creative director of Publish brand. (What have we been doing the last 7 years?). Down-to-earth and in our books, a novel talent, Huynh takes the backseat of generating core ideas and putting his gem of a creative mind to work while leaving the frontline to his capable team at Publish.

Today, the recognisable simplicity of a lone feather will have any one of us think of Publish and that is branding, done in style. While the Jogger Pant continues to be a staple for you and I, we’ll have our eyes fixated on Publish for more originals.

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Words by Rueann Dass

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