Brand Spotlight: HyperGrand

Want your very own graphic printed NATO strap watch? Look no further, for HyperGrand is here, the ultimate tool of individual expression.

For anyone to know HyperGrand, you will have to know that they were the inventors of what we know as the graphic printed NATO strap. HyperGrand sees themselves as watchmakers that transcend the simplicity of producing a device that tells the time and they’ve reached much further into the barrel by offering the world a tool of individual expression.

Set up in 2013, HyperGrand aimed to create watches influenced by the times we live in. Taking inspiration from current art, music, culture, style, and practically anything that is the essence of our era, HyperGrand creates products that celebrates classics.

The power of the interchangeable NATO strap is the instrument that propels Hypergrand into becoming a forerunner in style and fashion. That being said, the vision that HyperGrand pursues is to go against the repetition of past classics and to create a true classic of our own times. 

Ranging a worthy price of RM130 to RM1231, the collection varies in choices that would arm your wrist for days. Be it the sleek leather of the Maverick Chrono Black or the modernistic Nato Frostbite Camo, it really doesn’t matter when there’s an array of straps available to differentiate the clean watch face.

Take heed, #StrapToAdapt, and shop the collection here on Major Drop.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos courtesy of HyperGrand

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