Brand Spotlight: Civil Clothing for women

Civil gets another spotlight with their women's collection. Putting trendsetting, confident women on the pedestal of fashion and fitness is their Spring '15 collection, named "Play by Your Own Rules".

No, it’s not déjà vu. And it surely isn’t a mistake on our part featuring Civil Clothing twice on Platform1. We’ve told you about the brand, now we want to let you in on the feminine side of things.

Civil is flaunting the prowess of their Regime Girls’ persona and we gladly noticed. Set on a mission to put trendsetting, confident women on the pedestal of fashion and fitness, the clothing line looks no further than to fortify that with their latest Spring ’15 collection for the roaring lioness in every woman.

Dubbed ‘Play by Your Own Rules’, the collection sports both monochromatic and colour splashed pieces with floral notes. The well-fitted CIVIL print cropped tank top is one of our favourite classics while the tropical spin on the long sleeve sports jersey is Civil’s plain ingenuity in giving women the best of streetwear with a softer touch.

Cutting to the chase, Civil Clothing is evidently an up and coming contender in ladies’ streetwear and we are eager to see more of them and their Regime Girl power rocking the scene.

Meanwhile, get your fill of the Civil women's collection at Major Drop now!

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Arthur Loh

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