HAF - Hungry as F*ck: Project Space

Got the munchies? Ravenous? Famished? Look no further as we introduce a new café you can hang out at in SS15, Subang Jaya. Check out Project Space to satisfy that stomach.

If you are familiar with SS15, you would have probably seen Project Space Coffee. Known by it’s void name, ‘SPACE’, the café sits comfortably on top of Mamak Penang 1O1. Stepping into Space, it’s minimalist, clean décor and huge glass panels which provides an abundance of natural light gives a really spacious and relaxing vibe. The ambience sets it apart from the many other cafes in Klang Valley and it has proven fertile as it is now a big hit with many of the coffee lovers.

Project Space was spurred from Jane Chuck and Daphne Charice, along with brothers Redford and Ronald Chew who wanted to create a hub for coffee and music lovers to chill and unwind after a long day of class. The café shows a different side of the famous ladies who are often seen washing dishes or even brewing coffee. With special blends of beans from Artisan, it is perfect for your morning pick me up or simply an Instagram opportunity. From it’s ranges of coffee and tea to it’s hearty cakes, SPACE’S menu would cater to all your distinctive tastebuds. *Chocolate Caramel Cake anyone?*

Take it from us when we say that Project Space Coffee is here to stay. Check them out and experience SPACE for what it is while enjoying your cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Check them out on Facebook for more information and promotions.

Words by Katherine Lim
Photos by Razlan Yusof

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