Brand Spotlight: Civil Clothing

Civil Clothing celebrates the difference of individuality, and also recognises the value of cultural multiplicities. Their logo of two unlit torches, are symbols of hope and belief for a better future driven by passion. 

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In Civil’s eyes, civilisation is not a standalone – it envelops people and the totality of their contributions to society. The multifaceted nature of civilisation is Civil’s reason to believe that every individual ought to flaunt the traits that distinguish him or her from the crowd. Difference being the essence that Civil celebrates, the brand was founded in 2008 when they realised clothing to be the one substance that is constantly interchangeable; learning that helped open paths for Civil to design styles that are nearly impossible to categorise. Calling upon hopefuls to ignite the flame within, Civil is symbolic of the unlit torches in their logo.

Perhaps what you’d like to know is the more practical stuff - The highlight of the Spring ’15 collection aptly named Play by Your Own Rules is none other than the arrival of Civil’s long tees. Sold out online within days of the launch, the experimental design of the drop tee has definitely caught our attention. Civil also managed to subtly remind us of their evergreen belief in difference through the visible contrast of their edgy, monochromatic look versus the kaleidoscopic prints for ladies.

Keep your eyes on Major Drop for a piece of Civil’s Spring ’15 collection here.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos by Razlan Yusof

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