Brand Spotlight: Benny Gold

Staying gold with Benny Gold, San Francisco-based streetwear brand and boutique.

It was the year 2007. On his day off, a designer decided to make glider stickers emblazoned with the classic mantra “Stay Gold” and put it up on walls around town. And that is the skimmed tale of how Benny Gold came to existence in the spur of one man’s idea of fun.

Now a ubiquitous label in the streetwear industry, the world first laid eyes on Benny Gold in San Francisco where it began as a modest side project intended simply for the expression of passion. With designs that primarily revolve around paper planes and the color gold, we see a deliberate attempt to embody youth and that is what the brand has executed impeccably from its unmatched collection of shirts to the delicately made accessories.

The essence of Benny Gold is etched in his persistent belief that the real gold in question is the experiences that we hold, and while that is on a serious note, try to recall that the brand was born to the concept of fun.

As Benny Gold continues in this adventure of never growing old, we don’t know about you but we too, are staying gold.

Shop the collection here.

Words by Rueann Dass
Photos courtesy of Benny Gold

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