TTFGA X Major Drop

TTFGA sounds an awful lot like an organisation with a name so long it had to be made an acronym. Even more arbitrarily, it is actually the name that local photographer Ridduan Ismail goes by. TTFGA is the unseen face of Style Selecta 2012, a Tumblr account that is, in his own words, an amalgamation of style. Coincidentally, it was also the platform that escalated him into fashion photography with an impressive portfolio like the KL Fashion Week 2013 under his belt.

Describing his niche as minimalistic and portrait-like, there’s much to look forward to as TTFGA now ventures into street photography. Humbly, he attributes his success to the people who helped build TTFGA as a brand name.

TTFGA may be lined up for more remarkable work in the photography scene but as of now, the man simply wants to put traveling Europe and setting up his own space in the cards.

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Words by Roshan Menon
Photos by Julian Koh

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