We Stand Against Racism

We Stand Against Racism

Pestle & Mortar Clothing is much more than just a clothing brand. Being born and raised in Malaysia, we are a community of people from different backgrounds, race, colour and creed. Racism in Malaysia is very real and it exists in our daily lives. 

The ugly truth is many of us Malaysians are aware of racial discrimination but often choose to remain silent about it. PMC is taking a stand against racism through our campaign "Darah Tetap Sama Merah" with the intention to spread the narrative of unity and equality throughout our country and its people. The colour of our skin does not determine our fate and the person we are.  

We've launched a collection of stickers with common racial slurs and stereotypes that we too often come across in Malaysia. Walk into Major Drop Sunway Pyramid and get your stickers at absolutely no cost. Speak to our homies in the store and get your stickers. Continue to break the stigma and end racism. Let’s make a change together and fight the good fight. Equality is possible with teamwork. 



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