The Saga turns 35. When will it fly?

The Saga turns 35. When will it fly?

The Proton Saga is a nostalgic piece of Malaysian history that has stood the stand of time. If you were a kid in the 90s, you were bound to have some sort of interaction with this iconic vehicle. Introduced in 1985, the Proton Saga became the first Malaysian car that was available commercially and a major game-changer in the Malaysian automotive industry. The Saga is Proton's longest-running and best-selling nameplate, with over 1.8 million units produced over the 35 years.

The first generation Saga was developed as the result of a joint venture between HICOM and Mitsubishi Motors. It is based on the 1983 Lancer Fiore sedan, and was available in 4-door saloon and 5-door hatchback guises. 

This iconic piece of automotive history had its fair share of being highlighted in different urban subcultures and even seeing many local brands releasing apparel with the iconic Saga silhouette. Although it might not be the best looking car in 2020, its distinguishable boxy design still remains an evergreen look that carries a significant story behind the growth of Malaysia as a developing country with the launch of a national car manufacturer. 

Earlier this year, with the launch of PMC's Super Sweaty Collection, we decided to bring back the OG Saga but with a little twist. As Super Sweaty '20 Collection 2 used the year 2020 as an inspiration to the designs, we decided to make our very own "flying Proton Saga". 

Introducing PMC's Sagalorean! Inspired by time travelling DeLorean from the legendary movie Back to The Future, we designed our very own levitating & time travel capable vehicle with the Sagalorean. 20 years ago, many people thought we would see flying cars in the year 2020 but evidently we are far from that. With Saga's recognisable boxy silhouette but with a twist of blue flames shooting out from its rotated tyres and wheels for its time travel capabilities! 

Although the Proton Saga has just turned 35 years old, it will always "Stay Gold" in our minds, being the legend it has turned out to be and the legacy it has left behind. 

We might not be in the day and age where we see Proton's flying around in the sky but the 1985 Proton Saga is an example of growth and technological advancements that we are set up for.

Happy Birthday, Saga! ❤️

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