Super Sweaty 2019 Delivery 2: Sneak Peak

Super Sweaty 2019 Delivery 2: Sneak Peak

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Without revealing too much, we are about a week or so away from the launch of our Super Sweaty 2019 Delivery 2!

Keeping up the momentum from Delivery 1, we will be dropping a wide selection of products ranging from our usual t-shirts, cut & sew garments and some fun small accessories.

Inspiration is truly abundant, and most of the time it comes to us when we least expect it, while we’re in traffic or even at the mamak enjoying a teh tarik and a roti.

Delivery 2 continues to play on the subject of pride of where we’re from and even nostalgia that many of you probably experience from time to time. A good example would be the iconic gameboy; 2019 marks 30 years of gameboy’s existence and many of you probably owned one! I was born in the 80’s so I experienced not only the Gameboy Colour but also the black and white version which didn’t even have a backlight. 

Music as a main pillar of streetwear has always been a source of inspiration for us. This collection sees us paying tribute to the Beastie Boys. They were always ahead of their time with their experimental sounds and did you know that they were one of the longest-lived hip hop acts worldwide! RIP MCA, this one's for you.

Hailing from the beautiful country of Malaysia, the education needs to continue. How many of you know of  Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Al Masrie bin Sheikh Mustapha? He is a Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon and most importantly Malaysia’s first astronaut!  He launched to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz TMA-11 with 16 others back in October 10th 2007.

Below are some other imagery that we drew inspiration from. Wouldn’t want to let too much out of the bag so do stay tuned.

In the spirit of our year-long period of heat, expect silhouettes and colours to continue to reflect the season in true fashion.

We will be launching a total of thirty four styles.

Super Sweaty 2019 Delivery 2 will be available online, in-store & at selected retailers nationwide

Be sure to check out our social media for more updates in the days to come!

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