Stories From The Streets: Ghof

Pestle & Mortar Clothing turns 10 next year and that marks a decade of doing what we love! There is a saying that goes “The People Are The Brand” and we couldn’t agree more. None of our successes could have been achieved without each one of you. 

Credit : @MohdGhof

“Stories From The Streets” is our little initiative in highlighting the community and the everyday people around us. We truly believe behind each one of us there are stories worth telling. To kickstart this series we have Mohd Abdul Ghofur Mat Noor, or better known as Ghof.

Credit : @mohdghof

Ghof first learned about Pestle & Mortar Clothing 8 years ago when he watched KK Skatefilm, (a local cinematic skate film we co-sponsored) by a long time homie Nasri Lian or better known as Point8cam.

Months later he would soon get his hands on his first PMC piece “The Golden Ticket Raglan” whilst roaming the carparks of Festival Belia where we had a booth.

The rest as they say, is history….

Credit : @MohdGhof

Like many of you, Ghof works a 9-5 job and in his case it’s with our national carrier Malaysian Airlines. He’s been doing this for the past 5 years but boring things aside, his heart truly lies with the skateboarding community of Malaysia. He is a self-taught skate videographer but what makes him unique is he shoots and edits everything through his iPhone! Yes a bloody iPhone.

Credit : @Karatisme

Very much like how we use apparel to tell stories he adopts the same mantra of visual storytelling through his videos. When asked why he spends his free time doing this, his simple answer was “passion”. Through his work, he wants to be able to motivate and inspire the younger skaters to push the boundaries of skateboarding with hopes it will further invigorate and improve Malaysia’s skate scene.

His videos have a unique flair from seamless transitions to music highlights from early 1950’s Malay pop songs such as P.Ramlee “Getaran Jiwa” and Sheila Majid “Sinaran” Ghof mentions how he loves songs from this era due to the lyrics & vocal melodies they embody but most importantly it represents him as a fellow Malaysian. Through the usage of music he wants people to identify his videos as Malaysian from the very get-go! 

His videos showcase some of Malaysia’s most prominent skaters such as Nizar Hisham aka Ja Chicken, Porock Luis and Koya Miyasaka. When asked who is his dream skater to feature he mentions “Chase Webb“ this dude has balls!



Travelling is always a great form of inspiration and the month of August will see Ghof heading to London. Him and his iPhone will be there ready to capture not only skating but also the culture & heritage the city has to offer. Do hit him up if you’re in town and stay tuned to his instagram for updates (@MohdGhof), We know we will.  

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