Sehati Sejiwa: Lex Low and his goal of touching lives of Malaysians, one haircut at a time.

Sehati Sejiwa: Lex Low and his goal of touching lives of Malaysians, one haircut at a time.

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In 2015, Lex founded his first barbershop Amplitude Barbershop (now known as OTHRS), which partnered a guitar store Amplitude Music and hence, the initial name of the shop. With the initial goal to build a barbershop catering to performing men's haircuts, the passion to serve the community was still burning strongly. This eventually became a vision and mission for the company. On top of delivering quality service to clients, the company now had a clearer direction - a purposeful one to serve the community.

People are the core and focus of what OTHRS is about. OTHRS is a company that celebrates people and embraces each person's individuality. Through barbering and education, OTHRS aim to create an impact towards its community - touching lives one haircut at a time.

Tell us more about yourself & Othrs Barbers

Lex: I’m Lex, founder of OTHRS. Barbers. OTHRS. has been around since 2015. This year is our fifth year as a company. We are also a barberschool where we’ve trained many barbers which some have successfully set a mark in the industry running their own barbershop.

What's it like being a Malaysian barbershop? Share one advantage and one challenge.

Lex: When we first started in the scene about 5-6 years ago, there wasn’t many barbershop around. But over the years we’ve seen many uprising talented barbershops. This gives the industry a push to continue to elevate the standard and keep growing the industry. As a local brand we constantly look up to the west for inspirations but do not forget about our roots. We want to be as relevant and engaging with our clientele as much as possible and always stay up to date with the industry.

One advantage would be our patrons. People who believe in our company value will stay through with us even in tough times. We’ve seen our clientele become our family. This year we’ve tasted a glimpse of lockdown as a nation. And with the support of our clients our business continues to strive and this really pushed us to work harder to provide a better experience for our clients.

The challenge being a barbershop in Malaysia is the appreciation towards the craft from the public in general.

What is one common misconception about barbering in Malaysia that you wish you can change?

Lex: One common misconception about barbering in Malaysia is “females can’t be barbers”. I’ve seen some of the most talented barbers out there and they were female. I wish to break this stereotype. It's about the craft, not the gender. 

If you could educate Malaysians about one thing, what would it be and why?

Lex: If I could educate Malaysians about one thing, it would be to put in the effort collectively and constantly as a nation to pressure for a positive change. We can not just wait for the government to do its job. Change can be even helping one person. Businesses are also a vehicle of transformation for this nation. We can do so much if the people are united.

What is an impact you wanna leave in Malaysia through Othrs?

Lex: The Othrs. value will always be about empowering people. The barbers, the clients and the people outside the 4 walls of our barbershops. The message is simple, we want to share our simple value of touching lives through a simple haircut. Building meaningful friendships through our business. As Malaysians, let’s build more meaningful businesses. Let’s rebuild Malaysia through us, the Malaysian.

What would you say to someone who wants to take up the skill of barbering?

Lex: Barbering is a skill. It can be a hobby. It can be a profession. You’re never too old to learn a new skill. If it’s not today then when?ff

Where do we follow you and how do we book a cut at Othrs or enroll for barber lessons at the Othrs Barber School?

You can find out more about  us or our courses at or follow us on Instagram at @othrsbarbers or Facebook at OTHRS BARBERS.


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