Sehati Sejiwa: Aizi intends to make Reka Karya a hub for the Malaysian creative scene

Sehati Sejiwa: Aizi intends to make Reka Karya a hub for the Malaysian creative scene

Aizi Aminuddin, co-founder and Creative Director at Reka Karya has been involved in music for the past 17 years, growing up as a trained musician and completing his Bachelor in Music (Hons) in 2019 at Goldsmiths College University of London majoring in music research and composition. Before moving to London, Aizi was active in the underground scene and he was part of a collective called Hoax Vision. 

Location in Shah Alam, Reka Karya is a creative platform looking to expand their networking amongst artists, galleries, businesses, and creative minds. By engaging with society and the local community, they believe in progress for the creative industry forward in Malaysia; aspiring those who are in need to push their creativity forward, and to help them to be inspired and to spark their passions.

Tell us more about you & Reka Karya

Aizi: I'm a musician. Wouldn't really call myself an artist. Don't really like all the light and attention. Reka Karya is a creative hub/platform for Malaysians started by three brothers who love art.

What made you think of Reka Karya and why does Reka Karya exist?

Aizi: Started from my dad to be honest. Few years ago he told about us his dream of having a 'one stop centre' for the local industry and tourism. Every time I think off Reka Karya I think of all the hidden talent and artists around Malaysia that needs attention and help to push them to their full potential. Doing our best to support the creative industry

So Reka Karya exists to support the Malaysian creative scene? How exactly does Reka Karya provide this support?

Aizi: By providing the space that we have here in Bukit Jelutong. Working closely with artists to promote them by creating content to sell the artists rather than just the product. We also provide a working space for stoochy enterprise (creative agency) like Far Off Records and its artists. 

For Malaysians who would like to be supporting the creative scene, how can they do so?

Aizi: Acknowledge the current trend by knowing your local artists from small to big. Be more culturally aware. Get out there and go to events. Bring your friends and make new friends. Genuine interest in community!

With COVID-19 on the loose, they aren't many events happening these days. How else can we provide the support that the scene needs?

Aizi: I believe that genuine interest will automatically generate financial support towards the creative industry. Online support through the existence of digital platforms. We have TapauTV, Instagram and others for live stream and also workshops. Our event space is close at the moment due to pandemic. We've decided to focus online now. 

There are many emerging creatives in Malaysia. What is a piece of advice you would have for them?

Aizi: Hati kena kental! But most importantly be humble from the beginning. Be true to yourself. Nothing comes easy :) and keep learning cause theres no ending to it.

What are your future plans for Reka Karya and how does that contribute to the creative scene of Malaysians?

Aizi: To have a hub for all creative scene and a residency so we at Reka Karya could expand and gather more so we have a big society working together. Its important for all of us to work together and reach to a much global spectrum.

You mentioned your event space is closed at the moment. How can experience Reka Karya online? Where do we follow Reka Karya and what you guys do?

Through our Instagram! @myrekakarya. We're working on our website as well. We still have our recording studio and music studio :) we're open for recording and jamming to public!

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