Saturday Selects & PMC Present: Spicy Riddim Club With BRII

Saturday Selects & PMC Present: Spicy Riddim Club With BRII

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Ahead of Spicy Riddim Club on Wednesday, we sat down with BRII (or Brian Salonga on his passport) to get to know the man who will be blessing us with fire tunes all night.

PMC: Hey Brian, thanks for sitting down with us! Firstly we’d love to know how did you come with the name “BRII?

BRII:  Its actually my nickname which a good friend gave to me. I just took it over from there to not get it too much complicated. (Right pronunciation: Br-e-e)

PMC: Thanks for the pronunciation guide, some guys in the office were calling you BR-2… Who inspires you the most when you make your music?

BRII: Musically I get inspired by masters like: The Neptunes, Kaytranada, Timbaland, Babyface, Teddy Riley, Quincy Jones, soundcloud producers. But usually I get it from everywhere. Life experiences, friends, family, social media etc. But I think the most important thing when you are making music is how you feel about it. Don’t force it.

PMC: Here’s a bit of a tough one… Describe your sound in one word?


PMC: We’d love to know how you got into music and what got you in?

BRII: My whole life I feel like, I’ve been struggling to do what I wanna do and that was music. And this wasn’t easy. I had to go through some things.. but u can’t regret it because I might not be here if it wasn’t for that journey that I had to take.

PMC: What do you enjoy most about being a musician? What do you hate most

BRII: I really enjoy that I can be myself and do what I can do the best. Really thankful that I can go to places where my music get appreciated! There is nothing I can hate or complain about it. Music has my back at all times, never failed on me.

PMC: Awesome.. Amongst all of the sea of soundcloud producers, what makes you different to other producers sound wise

BRII: I really care about melodies and sweet chords. I always payed attention to “ear candies“ I think thats my secret sauce.

PMC: What does BRII do in his free time?

BRII: Nothing extraordinary. I really like movies & FIFA. Always try to catch up with friends when the time is there.

PMC: So If you weren’t a musician, what would it be?

BRII: I was always gonna be doing music. Cause I always need to create. Thats all I know. I’m not good at anything else and thats all I wanted to do! But it’s all about taking risks and be willing to step out of the comfort zone and go for it.

I bet on me if I had a gambling mentality. 

PMC: How excited are you for your ASIA TOUR?

BRII: Very excited for the whole tour. Can’t wait to meet new people and get inspired from the whole journey! Very thankful to everyone who made this possible.

PMC: Are you a foodie & What food you’re dying to try when you come to Asia or KL? Why?

BRII: YES I AM. I want to try everything! Really looking forward to get some legit street food.

PMC: Thanks Brian! Look forward to hearing your set at Spicy Riddim Tonight!



PMC x Spicy Riddim Club happens on the 24/4 At Jiro KL from 10-3am. Get your exclusive merch that gets you in for free here! 

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