PMC x AirAsia: S.E.A. Pride

PMC x AirAsia: S.E.A. Pride

7 artist, 6 countries Southeast Asia Pride is now landing.



Established in the year 2010, Pestle & Mortar Clothing isn’t just about what you wear, but also a projection of our personal lifestyle, culture and homeland. Our designs pay homage to the things we find familiar whilst growing up in Southeast Asia. This approach makes it even more personal for us; our geography, through our eyes. The most ordinary and mundane things sometimes defines who we really are, but more importantly, where we come from. Using apparel as a canvas for stories, we aim to spark conversations through their designs and ultimately show the world what Southeast Asia is capable of.

 Through this collaboration with AirAsia, we wanted to really show the world what Southeast Asian artists are capable of. With both Pestle & Mortar Clothing and AirAsia brands being Southeast Asian-born brands, we decided to work towards broadening their network of Southeast Asian collaborators. Engaging with artists from 6 different S.E.A countries, with the theme of celebrating and championing Southeast Asia, its culture, and people. 

With artists from Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, this capsule collection released by Pestle & Mortar Clothing and AirAsia showcases a diverse art direction as these collaborators come from different creative backgrounds, from graffiti artists, street artists to clothing brands. Each artist was given the opportunity to design their product with full creative freedom in expressing Southeast Asia through their eyes.


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