PMC Listens: Aman Ra - Yedowh New Music Video

While it’s been out for a while, we can’t seem to get PMC Family Member Aman Ra’s latest track out of our heads. After his music video release party where a select few caught a glimpse of it, Aman has finally released the video on his VEVO and it’s literally lit. Sumpah.

Aman Ra – Yedowh MV

Executive Producer: Hugh Koh for Pestle & Mortar Clothing / Aman Ra
Director: Lucas Lau
Producer: Lucas Lau
DOP: Amir Rashid Othman
Key Grip: Umair
Editors: Amir Rashid Othman & Lina Halim
VFX: Umair
Talent Manager: Hannah Azlan
Production Assistant: Hannah Azlan & Lina Halim

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